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It is likely that your firm at some point will need the help of a probate genealogist. Here at Estate Research we feel that we can assist no matter how large or how small the job is.

All the problems facing solicitors in the administration of estates can be solved by our team. From obtaining a birth certficate to solving full intestacies we can always help.

Our flexible ways of working mean that we can offer a variety of choices for your firm and you can be assured that your case will receive our full attention.

Services include:

  • Full Intestacies
  • Missing beneficiaries
  • Confirmation of existing family tree
  • Mailing and fractional distribution list
  • Help with obtaining official documentation
  • Help with Missing Beneficiary Insurance
  • Find an administrator for your firm on intestate cases
  • Obtain quotes for MBI
  • Will search
If the estate or the job is very small then we offer a free service. Please contact us for an initial consultation or to instruct us immediately.