If your firm is facing a probate problem, Estate Research has the solution.

At Estate Research we are committed to making life easier for our private sector clients. Unburden yourselves from painstakingly complex cases, trust us with your estate administration and we will deliver thorough, extensive research leaving no stone unturned.

Identify…locate…prove, our core service to you.

We understand that every case is unique and so recognise the importance of choice. This is why we strive to provide our private sector clients with a range of fee options, tailored to the specific demands of each individual case.

Our flexible fee options:

Fixed Fee and Fixed Timescale

The fee is set or ‘fixed’ before commencement of work and a timeline for completion provided. This is exclusive of VAT and disbursements. We will provide you with a fully documented report and also any Insurance recommendations. We have seen an increase in solicitors asking for a fixed fee and a fixed timescale for completion rather than the budget option which inevitably takes longer.


We agree to a set budget and undertake the work within that budget. We get as much of the research completed as possible and then report back to you, detailing the outstanding research needed to resolve the case. We then suggest a new working budget for the next stage of research. This option is often used for large, complex cases and for research overseas.


We work on a commission basis agreed with each beneficiary. This is ideal for Intestacies or Bona Vacantia cases and in matters involving our Administrator Search. It is also the best option for cases where the known heirs do not wish to have their share diminished by the fees for locating the unknown heirs.

Our promise to you

  • Before we provide you with a quote, we will first endeavour to predict the research required by undertaking some background work.

    This helps us to advise you as to the most suitable fee option.
  • A dedicated case manager for the duration of the research.
  • A wealth of international research resources.
  • Strict compliance with the ICO code of ethics.
  • Flexible fee options for you to choose from.
  • Comprehensive, thorough research to enable you to maximise the value of the estate, minimise the risk of penalties and close the case with a satisfactory resolution.

Problems and Solutions

Scenario 1 - Administrator Search

We recently assisted a firm in Yorkshire, asking us to confirm if the sole heir and administrator to the deceased’s estate had pre-deceased the testator. We located the death record of the residuary heir, whom had indeed pre-deceased. The problem the solicitor faced was how to progress, as the deceased owned a small property.

The solicitor had nobody to take further instruction from, so we recommended our Administrator Search service. We went on to locate a statutory next of kin within 48 hours.

The service was undertaken at our own risk, resulting in no direct cost to the estate. The next of kin instructed the firm holding the deceased’s effects and the administration could continue. We traced the remaining heirs whilst the estate was being finalised.

Benefits of Administrator Search service:

  • 1. The Solicitor did not lose the opportunity to administer the estate.
  • 2. The property could be sold, letters of administration obtained and other assets gathered in.
  • 3. There was no need to pass the estate to the Bona Vacantia division.
  • 4. Estate Research carried the cost and risk, so there was no direct cost or risk to the firm.

View more information about our Administrator Search service.

Scenario 2 - Administrator Search

Did you know that over 60% of the UK’s population haven’t made a will? (Source: Law Commission Consultation Paper No.191). Our Administrator Search takes the hassle out of estate administration.

Following the death of a neighbour, a member of the public approached a firm of solicitors, certain that the deceased had no relatives or heirs. The solicitors approached Estate Research to utilise our Administrator Search service. We went on to locate a distant cousin who instructed the solicitors to commence administration.

In over 95% of cases where we are told there are ‘no heirs,’ we successfully trace an entitled relative.

Estate Research traced over 3500 missing heirs in over 30 countries last year alone.

View more information about our Administrator Search service.

Scenario 3 - Family Tree Verification Service

A firm of solicitors in Lancashire approached Estate Research to verify a family tree. The firm was already in contact with maternal cousins, believing the paternal side to have no surviving kin. Distribution of the estate was imminent and no supporting documentation had been presented to the solicitor to prove their clients claim.

After extensive research in four countries, we discovered the maternal side had no entitlement under intestacy. We went on to locate over fifteen paternal heirs with prior claim to the estate. A paternal heir then re-instructed the solicitor at our recommendation and a fresh Grant of Administration was obtained.

We highly recommend our Family Tree Verification Service when branches of a Family tree are unresolved, to minimise the risk of unknown or incorrect heirs.

Scenario 4 – Our Wrap Up Service

Quite often, solicitors contact us with a missing legatee to trace in order to conclude the administration. The beneficiary may only be due a small amount or there may only be minimal information. It could also be that only a death certificate is needed to conclude the matter. Regardless of how ‘small’ the case may be, Estate Research can help.

Recently we were contacted by a solicitor dealing with a will, leaving £200 to a ‘Heather Jackson’ of a certain town. The will was dated 1995. On our database were two possible matches. The first one we called had information about the deceased, so we passed her details on to the solicitor. We made no charge for this service and the case was closed.

At Estate Research we are happy to assist your firm wrap up any case, no matter how ‘small’.

Experience, flexibility, expertise. Call Estate Research on 01942 826 500 or email info@estateresearch.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

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Administrator check

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Administrator search

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Family tree verification

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Missing beneficiaries

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